Enhancing drug discovery and development
through quality analytical services


Discovery Quantitation

RMI offers non-GLP small molecule bioanalytical services. In addition we provide a full service rodent (mouse or rat) discovery PK service. This includes both dosing and sampling, plasma sample analysis by HRMS and PK analysis (optional). Learn More >>

Metabolite ID

We provide the full range of metabolite identification services, such as early discovery soft spot analysis, late discovery cross species comparison, pre-clinical animal radiolebeled mass balance studies, to clinical MIST and human ADME studies. Learn More >>

Combination Assays

Since RMI utilizes modern high resolution mass spectrometers, we are able to provide assays where both quantitative and qualitative data are obtained. We provide metabolic stability and metabolite softspot data from the same incubation samples; alternatively we provide PK data and an in-vivo metabolite snapshot from plasma samples. Learn More >>

Biologics Services

RMI offers variety of qualitative HRMS services for the analysis of biologics (peptides, proteins and antibodies), such as molecular weight confirmation, peptide mapping, glycosylation analysis and impurity/degradant analysis. Learn More >>

GLP Quantitation

RMI also provides GLP-compliant quantitative services, in support of preclinical and clinical studies. These include PK, toxicity and clinical trial samples. Learn More >>